07 December 2006

Keywords create Value, Image and Prosperity... or not..

We are getting a blizzard today in the Akron OH area.. I amused myself that I was willing to risk life and limb for the dark chocolate "finishing" touch on the brownies for a school fundraiser that coincides with the the Holiday Pageant at school tonight. Weather forecast is calling for over a foot of snow, so it is a pretty good bet that this event will NOT go forward.

While driving home at around 20 miles per hour, a commercial came on the radio for a new Akron luxury SPA. With the wipers at full blast, the heater and defrost at full tilt, the radio ad for a new SPA experience sounded AWESOME! "Our aromatherapy services awaken the spirit, our warm service invigorates.... they went on and I was starting to experience the joy that a SPA day could bring..." EVEN while driving in my car in a snow storm, the luxury stood out as something I wanted. But then they finished, "and come visit us, our services are almost as good as any other place." WHAT?? What did I just hear? I was so there, and then they told me about their striving for mediocrity. I don't want a SPA almost as good, I want the best my money can buy!

Words matter. We use them all the time to create an image. As much as other ads are presented to us, they do enter our subconscious and create an impression of value.. or not.

The words we use to describe our opportunities, our views, and yes represent ourselves, matters as well. Not just to those we might be working with, but to ourselves!

Consider the notions of luxury or "average". In a SPA folks generally want luxury.

Consider the notions of a restaraunt "pretty good" leaves room for doubt, which is likely why many fast food places advertise, "good food, fast" or "pricing for people on the go." Most people do not go to McDonalds drive through expecting a 5 star dining experience-- they need food, but don't have time for an experience...

So as it comes to career and business choice, are you using words that satisfy a need, or create an experience? When my industry turned a few years back, I turned to satisfying a need, and my words, my experience, my communications circled around "survival" to provide for my family. I reminded myself not to rock the boat, not to make too many waves, not to get so attached to work, not to give so much that I regretted when I was laid off... In summary, everything I was representing, to myself and to the world was a struggle of seeming necessity, sorrow, and fear.

Now let me not minimize the situation, but let me use my experience to illustrate how a snowball or a mud ball rolling down hill picks up more volume, more size and more intensity. In the universe, whether your material is white snow or murky mud , the result is the same.. A bulk of optimism creates an experience of optimism. A bulk of pessimistic fear, extends the experience of limitations.

How much of the story you present in your jobs is to explain from a position of average why people should hire you? How much of your experience is based in a secret fear that this is the last company in the world that could possibly appreciate you as much? How much of a mudball of limitations must you navigate to get to your true and creative potential.

FACT: If you believe you have limitations or opportunity, you are correct. Your thoughts, your words, your beliefs create your experiences. If something does not conform to your view, as humans, we have an amazing gift of looking for evidence that DOES match. If that is true, would you rather be creating a picture of potential or limitation? Given the equal choice of both, I would rather have luxury than limitation.

If all things happen for a reason, today is a day of remarkable potential. There is a constant flow of prosperity. I heard on the radio that people finding jobs is at a record high for the season, and I am seeing this echoed in the successes of the many job seekers who have found not just jobs, but careers that compliment their skills, for a good salary, and a great environment.

* DEFINE what it is you want, and focus that image.
* IMAGINE the experience of your ideal environment, and then set a course for marketing the opportunity so that you can recognize it and accept it when it is presented.
* PREPARE the project plan, refine the marketing tools you use to describe to yourself and others, get great at articulating what will need to recognize this reality.. and how that will benefit others.

It is the prepared that get an experience. The rushed get what they pay for.

There is an abundance of opportunity, of possibility and success, custom made for someone like you! There is a universe of people waiting for that distinct talent that you offer. When you recognize a successful experience, it will have a few key attributes of pleasantry-- success will seem effortless, results clear, even if the next steps are not... Believing, prioritizing, and acting in that interest of your plans for prosperity, creating a marketing plan for you, that keeps you interested and taking action daily, until that day arrives is much more practical than looking for evidence that it just can not be done.. For you are never given a dream without the equal capacity to make it happen.


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Mister Weirdo said...

Awesome post, dawn!

Well articulated and communicated.

"Do you wnat to satisfy a need or create an experience?"

Wow! I love it!