24 July 2011

OVERQUALIFIED: Oh we think with your experience, you'd be bored..

QUESTION: In an interview situation this comes up often. "Oh we think with your experience, you would be bored in this position."  How can I respond to this? 

WHATS THE REAL PROBABLE CONCERNS: There may be several issues of concern here when you hear this type of statement. If you understand where they are coming from, you can have a meaningful dialogue about the concern and understand each other a whole lot better: 
  • Salary- they might be concerned that you would cost too much for what the position pays.
  • Attitude- they might be concerned that because of your experience you might think certain elements of the job they value, you would feel is beneath you, affecting performance of yourself and possibly those around you. .
  • Longevity - they might be concerned that you are just taking this job until something better comes along.  So they go to the time and expense to train you only to lose you before there is a perceived return on their investment in you.
RESPONSE: Don't assume they are right or wrong, at this point, your job is to understand THEN respond.  Perhaps there are some attributes of the job that would really not be a fit for you. Seek to understand the concern, and if the position is still something you are interested in, be prepared to explain why the job is a fit. 

HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED STORIES, EXAMPLES,  or READ ARTICLES that illustrated this in practice?  Add comments and share! 

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13 April 2011

Jobseekers feeling Grim?? HEY IM HAILING HERE!!


Hailing a Cab Tips for New York City: * Stand on the side of the road where traffic is going in the direction you want to travel. * Look for yellow cabs with the rooftop signs are lit to indicate "in service" * standing a foot or so from the sidewalk in the street, off the curb, raise your arm to flag the cab, then when they stop for you, step back, let them pull over * Tell the driver where you are going, if they accept you , get in,  if they dont, walk up a few more blocks and try it again.. * Depending on location and rush hour this can take up to 30 minutes.  IF you are in bright light, but dressed as the Grim Reaper, holding a scythe, be prepared to watch a few cabs speed by you.
Does Your Job Search Have you feeling Like you are NOT getting where you need to go?   * Assuming you are equipped with the right cover letter, resume, professional look appropriate for your industry* You are getting your resumes responded, interviews, and great feedback but no offer is coming. * Depending on the location, the industry, and your follow up, follow through and positive actions, this may take some repeat activities.  IF you are in bright light, doing all the right things, but your spirit is dressed as the grim reaper, and the scythe is that you're believing it's too hard to get a job in this market,  be prepared to watch a few opportunities speed by you.

Strategies to ReEnergize a Stalled Job search that has you fearing the Reaper: 
  1. TOOLS: Reevaluate the tools you are bringing out, to make sure they represent you best.  Does your resume sell you well?  Could it use a makeover?  Hire a Resume Writer that can help you Shine in Every light.    Or Read this great Kathy Hansen article http://astoriedcareer.com/storytelling-and-career/ on the importance of career story telling as a resume differentiator.  Oh and if you have all the right words and tools, are you bringing a "reaper attitude or scythe on the road with you"?  People might not be able to see your true talents for distraction of your personification of deathly hopelessness.
  2. POSSIBLE SCYTHES:  Identify the potential scythes you may forget you left the house with, and come up with a strategy to remember to put down the scythe if you dont get rid of it altogether.   These are the things you tell yourself that becomes a barrier to your success.. Identify them, recognize them, and tell a better story. 
    • Too old
    • I got paid too much before I was laid off
    • There are no jobs to be had
    • No one wants to hire me
    • Everyones tired of hearing me remind them to think of me if they have job leads.
    • I'm just tired of being told no
    • Their screening process screens me OUT of jobs I am qualified for before I even get a chance
  3. PEOPLE: Reenergize your network, to make sure you are getting good feedback and support on the career path.  Yeah Job Search when you are feeling like times are tough can be hard.. Leave the Scythe at home, and look for opportunity! Going to jobs networks of unemployed people who are unhappy about the situation they are in and not seeing options is NOT going to help you get a job.  Create your Professional Team of people (employed or otherwise) committed to positive, realistic actions that move you towards your goals with strategy, support and inspiration. Update your social networking profiles, your elevator pitch, and your outlook. Be networking with people who are doing what you aspire to do, conduct informational interviews and be ready to receive suggestions that help you become your best. 
  4. RESOURCES: Expand your knowledge and reach by surrounding yourself with Inspired Career Activities, Actions, Ideas, and Strategies.  Here are some we are happy to share.. do you have others?  Do share them in comments! 

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28 February 2011

Did Video Kill the Resume Star? Or create a new way to open doors!

Video Did NOT kill the Resume Star, but it did create a new way to tell people you are looking for work...   Jobseekers often ask how they can tap the power of a social media Job Search.  In this edition we will cover the Video Resume.. You've no doubt seen the debates pro and con. I am here to say, Every LITTLE thing you do is Magic, if you keep your focus on keeping it simple, your skills easy to remember, and your resume campaign new and vital. 

Here is a different stratetgy for resume and job search video.. Introduce your elevator speeech and provide a links to the traditional material for your jobsearch.  Some would say whats the point is it really worth it.. Ever try to find a new way to remind people  "dont you, forget about me,?  While you continue your quest for the perfect job.. 

This becomes a way that  you and others can INTRODUCE YOU easily to others  and provide the information.. In marketing and also in education, there is the notion of 'tell them',  summarize,  and then 'tell them what you told them'.  Traditional "send the resume, and cover letter" alone does not really do that.. but here is a nice strategy that is free to anyone with video camera or even a cell phone with video.. You can upload to Facebook and/or Youtube in minutes.. You can wrap a blog around it.. You can even do an "industry news blog, and include it in your "signoff".  Most of all you are worth while, why not explore that which provides new and fresh ways to demonstrate it!?

Here is a Neat Example of a Video Resume Sample By Jim Stroud: 

Jim's YouTube Profile is a rich source of jobsearch invigorating and social media search strategies.

  Jim Stroud:  blog  |  linkedin twitter  |  facebook  |  resume

Let us know your thoughts and share your ideas and video resumes in comments! 

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13 January 2011

Telecommuting News Flash

TELECOMMUTING AND FLEX WORK CAN WORK IN COMPANIES OF ALL SIZES: Hiring is expensive when you are constantly advertising and filling positions. Hiring, advertising, office space, supplies, etc etc..  Getting the right talent for your needs can be overwhelming.. Some companies might hire consider alternatives if they could get the right talent, and skill set for a good price without alot of overhead.  For small business to large enterprise, the right talent in your jobs makes all the difference, but sometimes the best talent is already working for you company... OR would if they only DIDNT HAVE TO MOVE.  Telework is the new business frontier.. Companies can build loyalty, go green, reduce costs, and much more, and it only requires a little more flexibility for great returns on productivity and more!

Companies on a fixed budget can attract more talent by offering flex hours and telecommuting to staff positions they might not need a full time resource for. Companies of all sizes can improve retention and increase value by retaining key employees with flex work and telecommuting options..

A Business and Legal Resources survey indicated that 50% of employer respondees are now offering telecommuting in some form, and that 2/3 of them have had telework/flex work programs for 3 or more years.  Why not?  It is part of the secret recipe for productive happy employees.  A U.K. Cranfield School of Management found that flex hour workers tended towards more focus work then their counterparts with fixed office hours. 

Check out this New Interest Group for sharing Telecommuting Best Practices and Great News:

Think Green: Telework Employment Benefit$

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HFCN Global's Got Resources and Best Practices to Implement WFH and Hire the Best Telecommuters for your business:  Working with a recruiting partner can help you identify the right talent for your needs from a wider talent pool. It requires a recruiter with expertise in helping you identify the right work from home opportunity.. If your worker can telecommute, 1 day, 3 days, or work from home full time for the right fit, it expands your ability to get the right match to your needs, as some workers, who might not want to leave their loved ones to move cross country, might be JUST the right person for your needs.  

Helping Friends LLC has a huge base of experienced telecommuting professionals in Administration, Sales, Marketing, IT, Call Center Support, Accounting, and Finance.  We would be happy to help you to hire quality people for your regular or flexible work needs.

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10 January 2011


HFCN has Temporary Contract and Regular Jobs.  Complete your Profile as this improves your match rate, and the types of jobs that meet your criteria by location, type, skills, contract or permanent.  

Jobseekers.. Optimize your profile!!   It helps us to help you with complete information as to your preferences and letters of reference, skills, and certifications all ready to go... Its a competitive work environment and a good profile helps us to help you!

Here is how to update your profile:    Go to HFCN Global Applicant Tracking System at http://tinyurl.com/hfcnglobal and click on the MY PROFILE  option>  In each tab on the top line, complete details for YOUR IDEAL:
  1. Contact Information
  2. Desired position type (All, Permanent Only, etc).
  3. Locations Desired (Be specific if your needs are specific)
  4. Skills
  5. Employment
  6. Education
  7. Attachments. -- >  IMPORTANT  Add your Letters of Reference, accreditations, certifications, work profiles, presentations, anything that helps us help you faster in a competititve situation. 

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09 January 2011

JOB PROFILE: Paralegal Job Opportunities


  • CareerCast.com suggests that Paralegals are actually getting better job rankings than a lawyer for overall preferred job benefits to demands.
  • CNNMoney.com ranked the paralegal profession 14th in the Top 20 jobs for “people who want more pay, more upside and more control over where they're going.” Outlook is good for this through 2014.  
Paralegals, might be also called legal assistants and they are skillled in assisting lawyers and attorneys in service delivery in corporations,  law firms, government and legal practice speciality environments, reporting to a lawyer. Paralegals do prepare legal papers, documentation, research, programs, and projects but they do not give legal advice, represent a client in court, establish legal fees or sign documents filed with the court. 

Paralegal work often entails work in support of assisting attorneys legal matters, process, and resolution. They investigate the facts of a case; interview clients and witnesses; perform legal research; draft pleadings, deposition notices, subpoenas, motions, briefs, discovery and other legal documents; organize and manage files, documents and exhibits; file documents with federal and state courts; and assist at hearings, arbitrations, mediations, administrative proceedings, closings and trials. 

KEY SKILLS OF A PARALEGAL:   Core Competencies
    • Critical Thinking
    • Priority/Client Organizational Skills
    • General Written Oral, Spoken and Listening Communications with clients, lawyers, witnesses, etc.
    • Legal Research and Legal Writing Skills
    • Computer Skills Spreadsheet, Program Management, Time/Billing, Research, online search, database search, organization, entry, management, computerized litigation, documentation management, electronic filing.
    • Interviewing/Research and Investigation Skills.



Strategy Training: Brand Diversification:

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FEEDBACK:  Share stories on how to enter the paralegal field  with or without certification.. What do you recommend to be successful?  Any books, skills or networks that can help you get into this field and succeed?  Love to have you comments or recommendations. 

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07 December 2010

Salary Negotiation Toolkit


The Interviews went well.  It seems to be a fit!

You have a great opportunity..
You are loving the work environment, they are loving you, an offer is coming soon..
How do you make sure its the right offer for your skills? 
What are some strategies that work for todays economy? 

 HFCN has assembled a Salary Negotiation Tool Kit: 

Salary.com Best source for salary by job title/location.. reference.

Payscale.com: Allows you to Get a Free Salary Report based on your job title, location, education, skills and experience. This is useful information to Evaluate a job offer or pay raise. Employers can use it to evaluate salary or raise equity for your current or prospective employees.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook includes national and state wage projections and data for seven major occupational divisions which include hundreds of occupations.

Global Employment Initiative/Strategic Networking Assistance Program (GEI/SNAP) is a U.S. Family Liaison Office program designed to help Foreign Service family members with career development and identification of employment opportunities. GEI/SNAP establishes partnerships with multinational corporations, organizations, and NGOs to provide US Department of State and other Foreign Service agency family members with the contacts necessary to develop and sustain their career ambitions while living abroad
Career Builder Salary Calculator and Wage Finder  provides national salaries & compare average salary information locally.

 America’s CareerInfoNet  Career Occupation outlook, Industry Information, State information. Nice Career Tools.

United States Department of Labor  Occupation Outlook including nice Green Jobs Reference.

Salary Expert Provides Salary Survey, Compensation Data, etc.

STAY CAREER SHARP: CURRENT  BUSINESS LEADERSHIP LIBRARY: Exclusive interviews from the leaders of global brands talking about their company vision, managing competition, innovation, sales, Human Resources, and much more! Interviews key CEOs of Adidas, Lego, Rolls Royce, FedEx and more with  tips on Strategy, Focus, Business Value, Human Capital and much more.. Improve business knowledge access free training and strategy series information and prepare for job interviews by seeing intelligent interviews from the companies similar to those you might be interviewing with. 


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  1. What is OUR best salary negotiation secret?
  2. Have you read any books that help you in presenting your best case for salary increase?
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30 November 2010

NO Half measures for the Fully Employable..

Perhaps you have been trying so hard..  You are part of a recent layoff, where many in your social circle are facing similar career trauma.. The news your friends, family, and perhaps your colleagues are willing to tell you how very hard it is right now to find a job.   Now is NOT the time for Half Measures on your path to being fully and successfully employed.

The right job opportunity is possible for you, in any economy.. but Half Measures will avail you NOTHING,  and a steady diet of bad news is not going to help

CREATE POSITIVE MOMENTUM: Stay fully intentional about activities that support your gainful employment in a job you would love. 

4 Job Seeking Time Wasters That Are Blocking Your Goals
  1. Mistaking "growing a friends list" with "networking for jobs".  YES most jobs are found through networking, but it must have focus, and it should be personal..
  2. Emailing a resume EVERYWHERE without a cover introduction or any context is not activity, its time wasting.  In a time where viruses are being sent by email, if you are sending unsolicited resumes without attachments or sufficient introduction they are NOT EVEN being opened, and are likely being filtered as SPAM.
  3. Jobsearch/Applicant Tracking Systems: I will just add my resume and see what jobs come..G.I.G.O (Garbage in.. Garbage Out).    Do you get alot of unsolicited SPAM get rich quick gigs?  Do you get bizarre job offers that have little to do with your skills?  Do you really want a job from most people that would get your resume from the big resume sites when all you add is a resume?  If you can fill a profile, people know not only what your resume SAYS but from your profile they understand your location, preferences, special skills that justify your salary. Complete your profile when asked, if folks are knocking, it could be you have not provided enough.. if its just your resume you sent, with no context, its not enough.
  4. Believing that the bad news on tv is helping you be prepared to face the challenges of employment.  Unemployment is bad, but studying why you are not able to get a job is a sure waste of time to getting there.  Even in the worst jobs loss economy ever, there are people getting jobs.. Fact is you dont need thousands of jobs, you need ONE that uses your skills well, compliments your values, and compensates your talents.
SUMMARY: Keep your job search simple but focused. 

a. Create a natural job search strategy to request help from people who can help you- clear elevator pitch of introduction, request for information or help, friendly follow up and keep in touch with those who can influence. 

b. Send your resume with an accompanying cover line, subject line and email format. Include why you are sending the resume and how you are a match to their needs.

c. Complete a profile so those using a job search board or applicant tracking system will know to call you.  Rest assured if its not in your profile and they have questions, your profile will help you.

d. Build competency for gainful employment rather than limitation.  Cultivate a network of possibility thinkers who have done or are doing what you aspire to do.. Create the news read the news, be involved in Twitter and industry groups to keep your skills sharp.

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01 September 2010

How to STOP using Metrics As a Weapon and Motivate VALUE!

STOP USING CORPORATE CALL CENTER METRICS AS A WEAPON: People work WELL with Process and Technology. Metrics linked to real service management produces results that attract top talented analysts that support your business objectives, and deliver happy customers and profitable service.

1. Care about the way PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY support your business.
2. Realize that what you "GOAL" should support a Key Performance Indicator.
3. Using metrics as a WEAPON puts staff in defensive mode.. Creativity solves more problems.
WE WORK HARD FOR THE MONEY Help Desks and Call Centers Measure because they can, because they should, and because it indicates performance opportunity, capacity and business value. Done right, a call center metrics program indicates expectation, rewards excellence and corrects key performance indicators that cost a company money or loyalty.

HOW WILL I KNOW?" Metrics.. Everyones doing them.. the more the better right? You show me your metrics, I will show you my metrics.. We share, because we can! Process people have a hunger for process improvement.. The secret to successful call center metrics is this.. measure what is practical, report what is indicative, and goal what delivers satisfaction.
"DO YOU REALLY WANNA HURT ME?" A GOOD call center and help desk analyst/agent is very metrics driven anyway, they want to deliver their best, they have a passion for positive interaction, and want to support those elements that will make THEM and the company they support successful.

HFCN Global KNOWS IT and Call Center Staff.. Its our specialty... because we've had to staff call centers globally, fast... and we talk to alot of jobseekers trying to find their next job because of metrics.  Not because they are unmotivated.. they are highly motivated professionals wanting to stop the pain, and work hard again.   OFTEN time we hear "THE STORY:   I'M LOOKIN FOR A NEW LOVE

THE STORY: CAN YOU FIND ME ANOTHER JOB IN A LEADING PROCESS ORIENTED HELPDESK? Dawn, we have internal and external metrics that are in conflict with each other. One wants us to end the call really fast, our calls are monitored and when we get off, we will receive coaching on selling more product or NOT selling product and ending the call fast.
There are days when our agents feel so worthless, because we could be trained and delivering on all key metrics, and still feeling like a failure because there is a new process and set of goals we are not yet trained on, but are responsible for upholding.

I LOVED this company, but I am looking for my next opportunity.. The stress and distress is bad for everyone, good performers go crazy trying to solve conflicting problems they cant question, bad performers know they will be removed... it all started when they incorporated the conflicting metrics program, it made all of us crazy, because we cant study to keep up with the unpublished changed expectations, and they are measuring and asking us to explain why we deliver service according to the training of support of one metric, while not delivering to the other.. We try to ask if speed and selling is important, what is the performance expectation, but the problem is we report to a sales group and a technical group, both have different key performance indicators and BOTH want their metrics delivered in the call."

My advice to jobseekers WHO ASK if I think they think they should leave their job, in the field of call center management, is often to try to work with their present employers as this often is an opportunity more than an obstacle. Sometimes if we observe a problem long and see alternative solutions, we discover possibilities we did not know existed. In the case of this professional, the solution worked out very well. They scheduled a meeting with their supervisor to discuss the metrics problem of conflicting metrics. Apparently many others had that issue too, and people were quitting because of it.. feeling management did not want to hear about it. There were changes made to the metrics program and people are now being measured for what makes their customer happy, without making call center agents do flips talking fast and selling sometimes...


* Jobs N Career Success forum http://tinyurl.com/jobscareersuccess
* HDI Local Chapter Networking: http://www.thinkhdi.com/hdi.aspx?c=24
Call Center Networking Group Membership
* Check out Kirk Weisler's Thought For the Day


Metrics Modeling Notes
* HDI offers local chapter networking as well as leading career standards, reports, standards and best practices for Service Management
ITSM Watch article "Using Balanced Metrics as Service Support Indicators" by Rob England offers a great post on how to use a Balanced Scorecard to approach metrics that deliver customer satisfaction.
HDI Focus Book "How To Establish and Maintain Service Level Agreements" by Char LaBounty leverages a wealth of rational business practice on the people, process and metrics of Maintaining Positive Customer Service.

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30 May 2010

Great Employer: But I'm Not Getting Paid...

HFCN Jobseeker Community Request came in to offer research for this issue.  "I am working for a great employer, I love my job, the people I work with and the experience, but the company is falling on these hard economic times and I have not been paid." 

The United States Department Of Labor mission: The Department of Labor fosters and promotes the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United States by improving their working conditions, advancing their opportunities for profitable employment, protecting their retirement and health care benefits, helping employers find workers, strengthening free collective bargaining, and tracking changes in employment, prices, and other national economic measurements. In carrying out this mission, the Department administers a variety of Federal labor laws including those that guarantee workers’ rights to safe and healthful working conditions; a minimum hourly wage and overtime pay; freedom from employment discrimination; unemployment insurance; and other income support.

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28 January 2010

Dawns History after An Oracle says: The Sun Also Sets

The Sun Also Sets, as the deal was finalized. Today Oracle announces plans to streamline Sun Microsystems International. http://bit.ly/aP0GJZ

We have laughed together, cried together.. and as Lori Shaw can attest, tandem kicked a few snowclods together-- every moment worthwhile. Nearly 2 decades of treasured friendships forged globally.. Meaningful business, and life. Margi Mellott was the first visitor at Louisville hospital to visit and hold my son, Kyle, born 6 weeks early. Kathryn Montle, Lesly Curtis, Noelle Bohnenkamp, and Margi the first to vist and hold my daughter, Caitlyn.

DAWN MULAR, #31034 blogged as http://blogs.sun.com/dmular_itil

MPK10: CORPORATE MARKETING INTELLIGENCE: My career at Sun began in March, several weeks after my birthday, with a 2 hour commute to Menlo Park building 10. I was Corporate Marketing Intelligence Group Executive Administrator to a very smart group of professionals in Massachusetts and California reporting to Sun's first jobshare of 2 Vice Presidents in Marketing sharing one job while they raised their kids.

My best friend and surrogate team was Quality Assurance, because of my dear friend, Carol Zamberlin. Carol and I went to coffee every morning and solved the problems of the world. SunTeams were amazing and our project, Carol's and mine was to launch the first "AdminsWeb Portal" a project that lived on, for almost 2 decades, until probably, today. My first encounter with Judith Price, who taught me how to code HTML, and offered the ideas that gave our vision wings.. Judith would be a theme of goodness that would continue through the rest of my life.

MIL04: ENTERPRISE NETWORK SERVICES: Still a 2 hour commute, but in the east bay area of California, Tom Hayes interviewed me, Bob Meetin mentored me.

My corporate friends said, "Don't go to IT, you will totally lose the great visilibility you have here at corporate, and it all happens here." NOT one to buy that I asked Tom, "Okay you sure there is enough for us to do here for me not to lose visibility, and to keep learning." I SWEAR Tom said with a gleam in his eye, KNOWING he was giving me the buggiest app in IT to support, "Oh there is plenty of opportunity." Several weeks later he was SOOO right! We were a 30 person help desk, THERE WAS PLENTY to do!

BRM: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS: SMI is moving strategic support operations from CA to Colorado! Okay I'm in.. My home sold in 3 weeks.. began househunting in Colorado WHILE working one overnight shift a week to stay horribly behind in my support queue for Applix Application Support, and some random Framemaker and Netscape tickets. Worked out of temporary offices in Gunbarrell Boulder, Colorado, and then Broomfield before our offices were built. In Boulder, it was pretty much a handful of us--- Jay Littlepage, Eric Peterson kept things fun.. Judith Price kept a network of how to get things done.. Troy Quigley, Bob Meetin, Jeff and Nancy Haynes... well really a handful of us moved.. all with the challenge of selling CA homes, moving to CO and now the 30 person helpdesk was about 10! "Uncle" Frank Tawil took interim management of helpdesk operations, which meant he had the dubious honor of being screamed at for the changes we were trying execute relatively seamlessly DESPITE being understaffed, overworked, and moving cross country.

HIGHLIGHT: The rest of Sun had "donut wednesdays" we had picnics n spontaneous Friday beer and pizza parties with two crazy execs competing for the best party. AND then there were the times when Tom Lawton from Florida, Greg Hjemlstad from IL and Johnny Bush came in from Canada-- ummm they think they were reasonably well behaved.. Ask me I KNOW the truth.

FIX IT LOCAL: Who's the Dutch dude? Rob Ghielen came in.. nice guy, observed alot, seemed kinda quiet, listened way more than he talked, and didnt seem to have ideas... until some 36 days in, and then he rocked our world with a complete, detailed and personal picture for how the Help Desk would restore its reputation. The challenge, grow operations from 30 to 130 in some 9 months WHILE sustaining operations, moving cross country, and learning to do business where we had no networks. We were all IT and Recruiters, representing Sun in the Community.. IT WAS AWESOME.. We had to hire, grow, train, support and deliver and WE DID IT!! LOTS of people were instrumental in the success of making Sun shine.. and IT work!! and it was a great path- Bob Worrall, Dave, Sandy, Susan, Greg, Christine, Margi, Andrew, Alex, Kathryn, Brian, Nancy, Jeff, Bob, Sandra, Edwin, James, Manuel, ...
HIGHLIGHTS: Process Improvement talks in England, Netherlands, and Singpore.. WHY didnt we get to go to Australia? OR more locally hmm what about that Melting Pot bill in Louisville Colorado?

EXPAND IT Global: Six Sigmas the way the truth, and the life.. Rob was the best leader I had known for his ability to create vision, and a plan of execution, and engage us to deliver what we never dreamed possible. We created a common vision, a global team, and a plan for standard service operations within the Help Desk and Operations Support.. The people had a myriad of ideas, talents, and gifts to bring to the table..

We WERE ALL better for this process improvement, and it didnt seem to matter the vehicle-- we tried PSPI, CAP, PRINCE2, ITIL, HDI, Six Sigma, CMM The biggest challenge is which best practice actually get the right tool and result for the job. At the end of the day it was the key progress we could we all agree upon... and how to deliver what was important that resulted in how we came together to agree the scope, the timeline and what must happen.
HIGHLIGHTS: Sun Top Achievement Recognition Summit in Cancun Mexico-- something about too much fun, sand and tequila right?
Hiking and abseiling in Malaysian Jungle with Bill Vass, Rob Ghielen, James Worsley, Chee Leong Ngai, Mike Martinez and others..
WORST, Bill Vass and a few others trying to torture me with steamed fish with eyes in it...
OPTIMIZE IT FOR CHANGE: September 2001 changed our business and our business model, for the first time in our industry, we had to rachet down fast, which implied some of the growth to ramp up, had to be reduced. PEOPLE mattered, and we had to learn to be transparent, and fair, open, and more caring than ever.. MOST excelled at rising to this most difficult challenge.
Its easy to be great when business is booming.. It took character to keep focus when all are in churn, facing career obsolescence for matters completely out of their control and sometimes random. WE were Optimizing Standard Practice, while disrupting standard! BEST part of that experience--- Geoff Coe's technical documentation, making us seem way more brilliant than we were. Enter Sarbanes Oxley, COBIT, IT Service Management. There were the great minds of Bob Franks, Jim Dorvee, Sheryl Driscoll, Dale Avery, Lori Shaw, Sameer Malholtra, Jon McCombie.. MUCH passion, desire to do the right thing and hard work.
Suddenly for the first time.. all those people we hired, enjoyed and worked with had to be laid off. Judith Price introduced me to this new thing called LinkedIn.. seemed fun, but I was pretty busy helping people.. Judith got it way before I did... and helped me learn why I should care.. OH THANK GOODNESS.. it was strictly social networking that allowed me to help place thousands of laid off professionals IN MY SPARE TIME in addition to my day job!
I am grateful for Sun Microsystems, and the many great people who know I love them! THERE is 2 decades of goodness, how can we cram that into one short blog.. :D

As the Sun Sets.. I think back with gratitude, with joy for the many people on the path.

Dawn Mular was laid off June 2009 from Sun Microsystems.. Today she is in the top 25 most Influential Recruiters. Dawn is founder of Helping Friends Career Network and CEO of Helping Friends LLC a nationwide full service employment agency. She runs LinkedIn Recruiting Professionals Group a global recruiting network of over 31K recruiters nationwide, and hosts several recruiting oriented radio shows, best known for "Connected-- celebrating social networking for recruiters".


Dawn Christine Mular Owner/CEO of Helping Friends LLC 3867 West Market #102
Akron, OH 44321
001.330.703.1007 or toll free U.S. 1866.256.1227

Founder of Helping Friends Career Network (theHFCN), a nationwide Employment Service.

22 January 2010

Jobseekers and Recruiter Relationships.

Jobseekers, your opportunities have never looked brighter. Knowing the roles and responsibilities and strategies can help you assemble your winning career management team. You have worked hard, here are some tips to help you bring your best selves.. We WANT for your success and wish you much happiness!!

Jobseekers Responsibilties
  1. Maintaining the documents to represent your ideal career, opportunities, job.

  2. Offering a current list of reference contacts and letters of references.

  3. Taking actions that support your desired goal (interviewing, responding, searching).

  4. Following up in a professional manner with the opportunities you desire to win.

  5. Communicating any key changes in contact information, goals, or objectives.

  6. Motivation, inspiration and persistance until you reach your next goal.

Common Jobseeker Misconceptions.

  1. Your recruiter is not responsible for finding you a job. You own your career path.. However the successful engagement of jobseekers and recruiters is actually a very lovely way to create winning career options.
  2. Your recruiter is not responsible for offering or providing resume feedback.. In fact many are tasked with finding the right talent for the jobs they have, not finding the right way to represent the jobseeker for the right job to their need. Your recruiter is responsible for working with you and their clients to represent you for opportunities that seem a fit.

  3. Your recruiter is not responsible for communicating or initiating a marketing plan for their jobseekers. Many recruiters are tasked with communicating with clients on the right plan. Please do not expect your recruiter to share responsibility for your career resilience plan.

  4. Your recruiter is not responsible for motivating you when you feel discouraged, coaching you when you feel fear. Most recruiters will want for your success, but they are responsible for and goaled with filling the jobs they have. Time spent motivating you therefore, could actually diminish yours and others opportunity, so it is good that you and your recruiting partner observe this.
Do's and Don'ts for a GREAT Jobseeker Recruiter Relationship
  • Do cultivate a positive and natural professional relationship with your recruiter.
  • Don't be so worrisome about your job and their work that you stalk them and drive them crazy. You WANT your recruiter to love you. They can do more for you.
  • Do send updates that help your recruiter to sell you. and notify them if your expectations, needs or contact information changes.
  • Don't call your recruiter every couple days demanding answers for what they have done for you lately.
  • Do be your best professional self and evaluate your opportunities openly.
  • Don't think you can threaten, criticize or harass a recruiter to do more for you.
  • Do remember that the positive things you do in interviewing, communicating and relating creates credibility. Also remember that negative behavior also makes an impression.
  • Don't expect a timetable for how long it will take you to get a job.. IF your needs are great, your action should be consistent, clear and persistent without stalking, troublesome and panicked.
Where CAN I get help for what my recruiter does not offer?

Join Jobs N Career Success - a great group on Facebook that is a wealth of great minds from all backgrounds sharing ideas and best practices for proactive career management. Ask your recruiter for referrals too!

  • Professional Writers - can help you produce resume, bios, career portfolio materials.
  • Professional Photographer - can help you produce headshots or images for positions or careers that involve public speaking, training, media work, etc.
  • Career Coaches - can create strategies to manage your change program, provide momentum, inspiration, and ideas to help you accomplish your career or professional goals.
Companies are welcome to join Jobs N Career Success!! Feel free to introduce yourself on the Discussion of Service Providers for Career Development Thread and participate in the Facebook Jobs N Career Success open group.

HFCN: http://companies.to/hfcn/

Jobs n Career Success Group (Law of Attraction): http://groups.to/jobsncareersuccess/


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14 January 2010

Top Recruiter TV Trailer... FREE Candidate Directory

Get a sneak peak of the hot new reality tv show for recruiting.. TOP RECRUITER.
Offer feedback on the Trailer and receive the new 2010 Passive Candidate Directory!

Top Recruiter tv trailer.. Click Here:

The 2010 Passive Candidate Directory contains over 5,000 professionals from the following industries:

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Recruiting Professionals Network on LinkedIn

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10 January 2010

2010 Jobs and Employment Flash Inspiration


An interview regarding the GOOD news from United States Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis on the Latest Job Numbers. Readers might also be interested in progress of the Department of Labor Report on the First 100 Days In Office.

You may Follow Secretary Solis and some positive social networking of the Department of Labor on Facebook, etc... from her tweets on Twitter at http://twitter.com/hildasolisdol/

HFCN on Facebook

06 January 2010

NEO Job Market Forecast 2010..

North East Ohio Job Market Forecast 2010

January 14, 2010 from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Sheraton Suites
Akron/Cuyahoga Falls 1989 Front Street

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 4422

Job Seeker Registration Vendor Registration

This the first event of its kind in this region! Jobseekers MUST be regitered to attend, and will receive free resume critAt last, an event BETTER than as job fair for determining Where are The Jobs? This event features a panel of distinguished North East Ohio business professionals and businesses that promises to create meaningful showcase of where the jobs are and valuable jobseeker sessions:

* "Discovering Your Powerful Presence"
* "Navigate Job Boards Successfully"
* Job Networking Tips & Techniques for the Future
* Social Media Ins & Outs
* Skills for the 21st Century Job Market


  • Unemployment in Northeast Ohio's counties is measurably higher than last year but still lowest in Ohio- a trend expected to be attributed to the more stable employment bases of jobs in government, education and healthcare.

  • THIRD FRONTIER HAS HAD POSITIVE RESULTS- This $1.6B initiative aims to create opportunity in key Ohio key competitive sectors- Advanced and Alternative Energy, Biomedical, Advanced Materials, Instruments - Controls - Electronics, Advanced Propulsion THIRD FRONTIER BRINGS 22% ANNUAL ROI: "Ohio's investment into technology jobs has kept our state open for business," said Dorothy Baunach, special advisor to the Ohio Business Roundtable and president emeritus of NorTech, the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition.


theHFCN (Helping Friends LLC)

HFCN: http://companies.to/hfcn/

Jobs n Career Success Group (Law of Attraction): http://groups.to/jobsncareersuccess/